tent campaigns

Monika Severin coordinates the cooperation between the local churches and Heart of Evangelism, and supports the churches for the initiative.

- I attend the project group meetings, where we go through everything from pre-worshipers, follow-up, meeting hosts, tent pitching, cleaning and coffee for all the volunteers," she says.

- The closer we get to the campaign, the more contact there will be with the various working groups. The aim is to represent as many parishes as possible.

Monika Severin brings the experience from Sävsjö, Tjörn, Piteå and Åsa to the planning of next year.

- We never talk about which parish the employee comes from. As far as I'm concerned, local employees need to talk about practical matters," says Monika Severin when describing her role.

Her husband Carl-Gustaf Severin, who is one of the speakers during the There is Hope campaigns, is also looking forward to next year's tent campaigns. For decades, he has been traveling in Russia and Eastern Europe, running large-scale outreach campaigns in sports arenas and public spaces.

Some time ago he received a prophecy that he "has played in many foreign leagues, now you will play in the premier league".

- It feels very good, you can never go wrong with a campaign like this," he says.

Carl-Gustaf Severin recently watched the movie Jesus Revolution about the 1970s Jesus revival among hippies in the US.

- 'I want to be like that pastor in the movie who became like a father to those who came to faith. I want to be one of those fathers who are now needed to take care of all the new believers," he emphasizes.

Text & photo: Ruben Agnarsson

The dates forThere is hope campaigns in 2024:

30 May-2 June (Södertälje)

8-11 Aug (Jönköping) 

29 Aug-1 Sep (Karlstad) 

6-8 Sep (Kalmar)

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