Heart of Evangelism is a non-profit aid organization founded by Sebastian Stakset in August 2018. In the beginning, the work was a traveling service where Sebastian and his team visited prisons and institutions to convey hope. In the summer of 2019, the campaign "There is Hope" was initiated, where local churches in Sävsjö, Tjörn and Piteå collaborated with Heart of Evangelism and set up a 4000-man tent for a few days in each city.

Since then, Heart of Evangelism has grown and broadened its work in the hope of meeting the great needs arising from increased gang crime, drugs, mental illness and social exclusion. Today, it runs supported housing, second-hand shops, church services, podcasts and a ministry in Ukraine - all to help those who cannot help themselves, until they are ready to help others.


Our vision consists of five pillars:

  • There is Hope campaigns
  • Social work in Stockholm & Second hand shops
  • Supportive housing
  • Media
  • Cooperation with the Marita Foundation

I see these five pillars as five fingers of a common hand that we, the Heart of Evangelism, want to tie to strike a blow against injustice, darkness and hopelessness.

Sebastian Stakset
Founder of Heart Of Evangelism

Cooperation with the Marita Foundation in Norway

In our mission, we have also linked up with the Marita Foundation in Norway, whose extensive rehabilitation work now extends to a number of countries.
In 1999, founder Leiv Holstad received the 'Crime Prevention Award', presented by Minister of Justice Einar Dørum. In 2011, the Marita Foundation's music workshop was awarded a prize from the St. Thomas Memorial Fund, presented by Minister of Culture Anniken Huitfeldt. The work of the Marita Foundation has become known through several TV programs in Norway and the TV series "A new start in life" on TV2. In 2014, the founder of the Marita Foundation, Leiv Holstad, received the Norwegian King's Medal of Merit.

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