We are called Heart Sthlm because we love Stockholm. We ourselves grew up in the exclusion that now characterizes so many of our outer neighborhoods. We believe that exclusion is the root of many of the problems in the suburbs. So what is the cure for exclusion? Well, community. And we see it as our mission in life to see potential where everyone else sees problems. So we meet people who have fallen out of society right where they are. And together we see how we can help that particular individual to rise out of the misery and start fighting for a good life.

Heart Sthlm is a rescue operation. A boat that floats around in the stormy waters of the capital and throws out lifebuoys to people who are drowning. Everyone is welcome regardless of background, age, life situation, religion, ethnicity or upbringing. Our work is to hear, see, affirm and love. And try to help carry those who cannot walk alone.

Heart Sthlm's location is a stone's throw from one of the epicenters of the shootings in Sthlm.

Right where we should be - a light in the darkness.

Flavia Perez
Head of Operations
Heart Sthlm

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