Only light can defeat darkness

Sebastian Stakset is today an evangelist, artist, aid worker and founder of the aid organization Heart of Evangelism. He loves Jesus and people more than anything else, and is passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves. He wants to share the gift he has been given with those who are suffering.

Growing up in Bagarmossen, Stockholm, his childhood was characterized by bullying and exclusion, which meant that it did not take many years before life became destructive. The exclusion led his life to hatred, alcohol abuse, weapons, serious crime, violence, prison sentences, suicide attempts, cocaine bags and an inner life filled with anxiety. While becoming the frontman of the gangster rap group Kartellen.

Although this struggle between life and death plagued Sebastian for over a decade, one day he was saved. He met Jesus and experienced grace and forgiveness for the first time in his life, which changed everything. When all ties to darkness were cut, he stepped into his new life as a free man. Since then, he has been able to be a role model and help people who have lived in the same darkness as he did. And this newfound love of life has led him to everything from security prisons to medical supplies in war-torn Ukraine.

"Nowadays I wake up some days and cry with gratitude for the life I have been given. I look at my sleeping children who are resting in safety, I see in my wife's eyes that they are completely free from worry, and I see the eyes of my mother and father who testify to the peace they have in their lives, thanks to my rescue.

One cannot receive a gift like this, completely undeserved, just by grace, without being filled with an enormous sense of gratitude which in turn generates a desire to do good. A desire to see transformation in many more people's lives than just mine. The Bible says that what you receive as a gift, you should give as a gift, and that is why we are working to spread hope in a country overwhelmed by darkness." 

Sebastian Stakset, Founder of Heart of evangelism

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"ONLY LIGHT can defeat darkness"

In 2018, Sebastian released his autobiography that depicts his life from being a violent man filled with hate, to speaking about forgiveness and seeing multitudes of people transformed by God's love and light.


In the summer of 2022, Sebastian spoke to the Swedish people about guilt, shame and the importance of being forgiven. Also about his visit to Bucha, Ukraine, after the Russian massacre and his friendship with Einár.

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