For a time like this

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At a time when serious violence resulting from gang crime has increased and mental illness among young people is escalating, Heart Stockholm and Heart Center are experiencing an increased influx of young people seeking help to leave a destructive lifestyle.

For the new year, we have therefore strengthened the team in Stockholm with Rune Borgsö, who has extensive experience as a pastor and in social work. 

In addition, our vision is to open Houses of Mercy in more locations across the country, where both men and women can find restoration through love, faith and hope for the future.

At the same time, there are several tent campaigns and There is hope initiatives around Sweden this year with the aim of bringing people together with God's life-changing love.  

In the expansive phase that we are currently in, your support for Heart of Evangelism is particularly important. Your support helps us to light a candle in the darkness and give hope in seemingly hopeless situations.

Thank you for your commitment!  

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